Revising India’s Education System

revising india education system

India’s education system is infamous for focusing more on memory of the students rather than focusing on improving their understanding. This is one of the reasons that despite formal education, many people in India are unemployed. Though getting jobs are not the sole purpose of education but it can’t be denied that jobs are one of the important parts of education especially for a developing economy like India.  

There are two major aspects where we lack, the first includes lack of practical understanding and second  includes developing ethical values.


Recently a video of Australian professors expressing shock over the toughness level of IIT entrance test got viral. They said that the paper was too tough for students and was more about memorizing rather than understanding.

Many academicians have shown their concern that India’s focuses more on rote learning. Rather we need to teach skills which will be important even after ten years. Critical thinking, problem solving, discussions on new ideas, are some of the things which are required to be taught. But unfortunately, our exams tests our memory and not understanding.

This is very disappointing India has highest number of educated unemployed.

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Every now and then, there are cases of road rage, acid attack; sexual violence etc committed by people which shows lack of ethical values and inability to deal with anger management. Basic values like honesty, integrity, patience, consciousness etc are not imbibed in students. Students should be made more sensitive and considerate towards everyone. But, right now, education in India don’t prepare students for life, they just prepare them for exams.

Every year thousands of students take their lives due to failing in exams or not scoring good marks or not performing well in their jobs. This is because of the very reason that our education system doesn’t teach students how to handle failures and rejections. We are so much involved in teaching students to chase success that we forget to teach that failures are just a small part of our lives. Our education must teach us how to live with the right attitude

Therefore, India’s education system needs to be revisited. Also, it’s high time that our education system tries to make students a better human being by focusing on teaching basic ethical and moral values.

As, the bollywood movie three idiots has rightly taught that we should chase excellence and not success. 

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