Real Hero’s of Corona Who Get Their Life in to Trouble

Ration Distribution

The whole world is fighting against micro and invisible enemy. For defeating this enemy all world is trying very hard. Everyone is scared of this corona virus. It is very strange that human is scared from another human. The image of awe is like that if we found anyone grip from this virus then not even society all city is simmer. Silence falls everywhere. In this large fear and panic environment. There are so many brave yodha who take care of human being. Such patients here from which own nervous.…

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Know Why The FACEAPP is Hitting The Internet


Right now social media is overloaded with the pictures of celebrities and people posting their pictures of their older version. This has been possible because of a FaceApp, which can turn anyone’s picture into a younger version or older version. The app has gone viral in a short span and become very popular among social media users and celebrities. But with its popularity, the app has also been criticized for privacy concerns. Let’s look about the app in detail. FaceApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android, developed by…

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Water Scarcity: The Upcoming Crisis

water scarcity

Right now, Mumbai is struggling with heavy rains, causing severe hardship to millions of residents whereas Chennai is undergoing water scarcity where people are fighting for a few drops of water. This paradox in our country is just a trailer of the upcoming catastrophic water crisis. According to the latest studies, there will be no drinking water in India by 2040 if we move with the current pace. In June 2018, NITI Aayog has released a report ‘Composite Water Management Index’ in which it has listed Delhi and 21 Indian…

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