Staying Fit In The Era Of Technology

Stay fit in era of technology

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this necessity has led to the invention of many machines and devices which has increased the comfort level of humans. But with this comfort level also came a price of staying unfit There was a time when we used to go out to buy things which we needed but with the emergence of the home delivery system, anything we want is available to us at our doorstep. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to say that we have become slaves of machines Nowadays, we…

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How to lose weight without Gym

weight lose without gym

With every coming year, India also joins the list of countries that are becoming more obese. Half of the world is struggling with obesity where majority of us only think about joining gym. Every year, we make resolutions to join gym but fail to do so due to various reasons. But have you ever thought that losing weight can’t be that difficult and it’s just a myth that one can’t lose weight without going to gym. There are people who have lost weight without going to gym at the same…

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Monsoon – Health Tips And Precautions

Monsoon Tips

Monsoon is generally the most awaited season that feels quite relaxing after sustaining the high humidity and heat of the summer. But with the most satisfying raindrops, it also brings certain dreadful diseases and infections by increasing the growth rate of bacteria and viruses. In fact, taking necessary precautions to prevent infections becomes even more essential in these days. However, there are some common yet important health tips that can let you enjoy the rainy day to the fullest. Health Tips For Monsoon Stay away from junk food The rainy…

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