Fit For the Road: 6 Killer Cycling Workouts

Cycling Workouts

There is a misconception among cyclists that cycling in less than two hours is not a good exercise. But it is not true. Chad Timmerman, head coach of the Trainer Road cycling training program, says his ideal exercise is “high density”, which means you feel a lot of pain in no time. Timmerman relies on diligent efforts for focused exercises with short intervals in which everything is focused and time is not wasted. We spoke to Timmerman and four other professional road bike trainers, many of whom work with amateur…

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Fitness Plans of Olympians To Reach Those Fitness Goals

Fitness Plans

It will be nothing wrong if we call Olympians superhumans. They have great bodies that a person with some fitness goals desires, and to achieve that type of fitness, these Olympians have strict routines and principles that they have to follow with dedication.  Even if you start following such fitness routines, not only sportspersons, you can also make the prime time of your life healthy and fit. Whether it is the mission to win in the Olympics for the country or to win over your bodies for yourself, these routines…

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What Are the Benefits of Treadmill Walking?

Treadmill Walking

The Department of Health recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Migration is a popular choice; it is available, inexpensive, provides good strength training, and requires no further adjustments. Walking on a treadmill is like walking outdoors, which has both physical and practical benefits. Benefits of Treadmill Walking Strength and muscle tone Regular exercise on a treadmill will maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system which includes muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. As a heavy exercise, the treadmill pulls the bones to prevent age-related bone loss. Walking…

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5 Working Tips for Beginners to Exercise Consistently


Do you feel lazy and demotivated to work out but want to start an exercise routine to get fit?  Then, this article is for you! Continue reading till the end to find out some excellent tips that will help you shed a few drops of sweat every day! Let me tell you an unpopular fact. You DON’T need motivation to work out. You heard me right. External motivation is temporary. What you need are habits that will help blend workout that works for YOU into YOUR lifestyle. So, instead of…

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Staying Fit In The Era Of Technology

Stay fit in era of technology

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this necessity has led to the invention of many machines and devices which has increased the comfort level of humans. But with this comfort level also came a price of staying unfit There was a time when we used to go out to buy things which we needed but with the emergence of the home delivery system, anything we want is available to us at our doorstep. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to say that we have become slaves of machines Nowadays, we…

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How to lose weight without Gym

weight lose without gym

With every coming year, India also joins the list of countries that are becoming more obese. Half of the world is struggling with obesity where majority of us only think about joining gym. Every year, we make resolutions to join gym but fail to do so due to various reasons. But have you ever thought that losing weight can’t be that difficult and it’s just a myth that one can’t lose weight without going to gym. There are people who have lost weight without going to gym at the same…

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Monsoon – Health Tips And Precautions

Monsoon Tips

Monsoon is generally the most awaited season that feels quite relaxing after sustaining the high humidity and heat of the summer. But with the most satisfying raindrops, it also brings certain dreadful diseases and infections by increasing the growth rate of bacteria and viruses. In fact, taking necessary precautions to prevent infections becomes even more essential in these days. However, there are some common yet important health tips that can let you enjoy the rainy day to the fullest. Health Tips For Monsoon Stay away from junk food The rainy…

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