10 Pro Tips for Writing a Dissertation in a Hurry

Faster Dissertation

What is the point of having an adventure when it is not challenging and frightening? Yes! Writing an essay is an adventure for us, especially when it’s within a strict deadline. You really start to value each and every minute in it and have potential to become the next “J.K Rowling” like writer all within the same stringent deadline.

Best Time Saving tips for writing a Faster Dissertation

Let’s dig into the best time saving tips to get you writing a quick essay.        

1. Don’t Panic

Some people become stressed and start to panic, making themselves even more uncomfortable and wasting more time. They are perplexed and continue to be that way, which results in not doing their essay and they face failure. it is highly advised not to panic. Think straight, stay calm, and devise a proper way.

2. Making a Plan

Before panicking, make sure you make a well-structured plan in which you decide which part of the essay to do first, which part will require how much time and of how many words should a particular part of an essay be. This is very likely to make your mind more focused.

3. Switch off Your Smartphone

WhatsApp messages or especially energetic group chats can easily make anyone distract from the main course he or she has been focusing on. it is wise to keep your smartphone turned off or at least away for a while so you can concentrate.

4. Prefer Typing Your Dissertation on a Computer

Handwriting with a pen is most likely to fracture or swell your fingers and you will also have the hence of ending up with a terribly hand written essay. Your finger does not possess such stamina. Prefer tying it in a digital document such as MS Word. And besides, its’s digital era anyway.

5. Consider an Dissertation Writing Service

There are many best dissertation proofreading services UK based to choose from. You just need to google and find the right one for your needs. Just stay away from frauds and scams.

6. Gather All Your Resources

Before you start typing, it’s better to gather all the resources from which you will be taking all the facts and the information. Otherwise it will consume more time in searching while typing it. Often students find information searching quiet straining and they end up being confused with an incomplete essay. This tip significantly helps.

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7. Try Writing Notes Directly into the Document

Try writing notes directly into your essay file rather than writing them separately and then handpicking them. This is a good strategy especially if someone is in hurry for it can reduce a big deal of time. If you write the points or notes separately, it will take time for you to rearrange them and put them accordingly in the essay.

8. Write the Middle Body First and Start/Conclusion at the End

Your main body paragraph which the middle part of the essay should be written first as it requires the most time and has all the facts. Save the conclusion and the introduction of your essay for the last as it does not need to be that much complicated.

9. Write References Along as You Write

Often Essays include references which to be mentioned in the last usually. However, if you are short on time, try mentioning references along the middle part of the essay otherwise you will have to search again the information for the references.

10. Avoid Playing Cheap Tricks

I once had a friend come to me for a cheap dissertation help UK style. He had intentionally made fonts larger, spacing wider, and heading even larger just to make his assignment look a little longer as it was consuming more pages. These tricks might seem stealthy and effective, yet they are not.


Hurrying in an essay can lead to mistakes and this can massively increase the chances of getting your essay rejected. Hence with proper patience, calmness, and the right tips, you can properly and easily craft your ultimate essay and still can pass with flying colors.

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