How to lose weight without Gym

weight lose without gym

With every coming year, India also joins the list of countries that are becoming more obese. Half of the world is struggling with obesity where majority of us only think about joining gym. Every year, we make resolutions to join gym but fail to do so due to various reasons.

But have you ever thought that losing weight can’t be that difficult and it’s just a myth that one can’t lose weight without going to gym. There are people who have lost weight without going to gym at the same time there are people who were unable to lose weight despite going to gym. This is because going to gym is not enough; it also requires a consistent diet and exercise plan.  

One can easily lose weight by simple exercise and by following a diet plan.

Simple ways which can be followed to lose weight without gym.

  1. Morning Exercise– 30-40 minute of brisk walking or jogging in the morning not only helps us in maintaining our physique and attaining inner peace but it is preferred to evening walks due to pollution and noise .
  2. Healthy Breakfast– Most of us has a habit of avoiding breakfast, but eating proper breakfast increases our metabolism.
  3. Sleeping for 7- 8 hrs– Lack of proper sleep or excessive sleeping can have a major role in increasing weight. So, 7-8 hrs of sleep is must for losing weight.
  4. Replace Elevator with Stairs– Climbing stairs is the most effective and productive way to lose weight.
  5. Take green tea/ green coffee


Avoiding things are more important than following things, when it comes to losing weight.

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Here are some of the things you need to avoid-:

  1. Sugar- Sugar is your worst enemy if you want to lose weight due to high calories. You may use brown sugar as an alternative. Avoid ice-cream, pastries etc.
  2. Processed Food- Avoid processed food and junk food completely. Try to opt for natural and unprocessed food.
  3. White bread
  4. Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juices
  5. Rice
  6. Alcohol and Drugs

These tips do look simple and a slow process but these are very effective in long-run. Many people have been successful in losing weight by following these simple tips consistently.  Remember it’s not going to happen overnight, it may take time.            

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