Artificial Intelligence

With the popularity of robot Sophia developed by Hong Kong, the possibility of Artificial Intelligence to replace humans in many areas is being anticipated by scholars. While many experts are looking AI as a new revolution in the history of mankind whereas many seem to be threatened by it

AI can be defined as any device that perceives its environment and takes action that maximizes its chances of achieving goals. In short, it is intelligence demonstrated by machines. So AI is a machine which starts functioning like the human mind and performs functions such as problem-solving, learning, language processing, etc.

Whether AI would be a boon or curse, only time will decide that. Let’s look at some of the benefits and threats posed by AI.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be useful in many important fields like-:

  1. HEALTH CARE- AI can be used to perform faster and better diagnosis. It can also reduce cost and give better outcomes. Some of the AI applications like chat bots, IBM Watson are already in use, which provided virtual health assistance.
  2. EDUCATION – AI can automate grading and help in assessing and evaluating students. It can also help in tutoring students and providing them additional support.

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  3. Law – As legal field involves lots of paper and document work; therefore, automating such work can save time and can help in speedy disposal of cases.
  4. Manufacturing– This sector is in the forefront when it comes to using AI as robots can perform manual tasks easily.

Threat of Artificial Intelligence

  1. INCREASING UNEMPLOYMENT- One of the predominant threats posed by AI is automation i.e., replacing humans. Robots have already started taking the jobs of human in many areas, thereby causing unemployment. In India, many restaurants have started employing AIs as waiters by replacing people.

    Right now, the automobile industry is employing millions of employee but with the emergence of a driver less car, their jobs can be taken by AI.
  2. LEGAL ISSUES – Right now, experts are figuring out many unanswered legal questions involves in AI. One such concern is if any accident occurs due to any fault of AI, who would be responsible in such a case. For ex- if a driver less smart car hits someone, who will be responsible for the accident? The owner, the manufacturer or the programmer of the car.

    Also, the U.S has already granted rights and legal responsibilities to robots whereas Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to robot Sophia. In such a situation if robots commit any crime, the question is who will be responsible for that. The laws pertaining to AI is still at an early stage.
  3. SECURITY CONCERNS– The above example of an accident by driver less car or any crime committed by AI also poses security concerns.
  4. ETHICAL CONCERNS– As robots don’t have moral values and feelings it would be very unfair if they replace humans in positions like doctors, soldiers, judges, etc. Also, some AIs have started showing biases and error towards females or blacks.
  5. PRIVACY ISSUES– AI can predict individuals ‘political preferences, shopping choice, sexuality and even chances of the individuals to commit the crime.
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