10 Digital Marketing Trends Which You Can’t Ignore

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends are changing with technological development and business need. It is a must for a marketer and business to be well aware of the change in digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition. This will not only give them benefit over their competitors but also will help them to become the leader in their industry.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing trends for the year 2020

1. Search Via Voice Command

Voice search is here to stay, it has drastically increased by 50%. Top brands are focusing to provide voice-enabled devices at an affordable price. The voice searches like Siri, Alexa is hugely welcomed by the consumers.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI is super powerful and we cannot simply ignore it, it has made every job simpler. When it comes to digital marketing, AI is predicted to help the market by providing real data at less expense.

3. Personalization

Who does not like personalized stuff, if you want to stay ahead in the year 2020 focus on providing personalized content, products, services, emails, news to the users.

4. Video Marketing

Thanks to the uninterrupted internet supply, people can watch a video without buffering. This is the reason video marketing has seen huge growth in recent time, it continues to grow for the next 5-10 years. Use this tool to grab online audience attention instantly.

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5. Influencer Marketing

Nothing is as powerful as word of mouth marketing; this is what influencer marketing is all about. Be it micro-influencers or celebrities, they are the backbone for all the brands.

6. Visual Search

The visual search has changed the user experience to another new level, now people can upload an image of their choice and search. By visual search, the results are accurate and quick.

7. Push Notifications

The younger audience can be reached via push notification, it is the best way to communicate. With the decrease in email marketing to reach out people, a browser push notification is the best choice to tap the audience.

8. Social Commerce

When social media and e-commerce join has, you get maximum opportunities for sales. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc can be used to boost the sales of product and services.

9. Increase in Geo-Fencing

Marketing to people based on their current location is another amazing digital marketing trend in the year 2020. This will help to increase sales and boost lead generation.

10. User-Generated Content

Marketers are giving huge importance to user preference, hence user-generated content is also trend  in the year 2020. This will encourage the business to reach out audience and allow them to create their content. This will eventually have a positive effect on the engagement and conversion rate.

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