5 Working Tips for Beginners to Exercise Consistently


Do you feel lazy and demotivated to work out but want to start an exercise routine to get fit? 

Then, this article is for you! Continue reading till the end to find out some excellent tips that will help you shed a few drops of sweat every day!

Let me tell you an unpopular fact. You DON’T need motivation to work out. You heard me right. External motivation is temporary. What you need are habits that will help blend workout that works for YOU into YOUR lifestyle.

So, instead of reclining on the couch and watching fitness motivation videos on YouTube, see how you can incorporate exercises into your daily routine.

5 Simple things to Remember before you make a Workout Plan:

  1. Start small: Train your brain to accommodate exercises into your routine seamlessly. For that, start with a 20 min cardio or full-body stretching or simple HIIT workouts in the first few days. You can increase the intensity, workout time as you progress.
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  1. Avoid complex workouts: Climb stairs, speed walk, or do simple exercises. Do anything which is simple to follow. Repeat the exercises until you feel warm and start feeling the sweat.

DO NOT plan to do strenuous activities on day one. That not only stresses your body too much at once but also forces your brain to easily give up on those complex exercises.

  1. Find an accountability partner or a coach: Even if you already know how to work out, I highly recommend finding a trainer or a coach who can help you set/achieve your goals consistently. Coaches help in reminding and pushing you when you don’t show up to workout.

If you can’t afford one, find an accountability partner – a friend, a colleague, your sibling, or partner, who works out regularly, who can listen to your struggles and helps you get back on track with a gentle push if you show laziness.

  1. Plan your workout time right after you wake up: We all have busy days, jam-packed days, and days when we have to travel. So, plan things in advance. Right after you wake up in the morning, decide where and when you would be exercising on that day.

Be it just a few minutes of yoga, a quick walk, or a 15min run; you can always find some time and place instead of skipping the workout altogether for the day.

  1. Use social media to your benefit: If you are someone who is okay with showing up on Social media, this time, show up for good. Post your workout journey on your Facebook or Instagram stories every day. Start a 15-day or a 30-day challenge and keep posting your workout pictures.

None of us like to be seen as quitters by others. So, you tend to work with double the energy than usual. Build a positive network online, connect with fitness enthusiasts. They would appreciate your efforts and encourage you to keep doing better. Slowly you begin to enjoy the process and become accountable to your challenge.

Additional tips to keep you active:

  • Find communities/groups to help you stay active: There are many groups on www.meetup.com which has local people around your area, who share similar interests as you and do activities that might help you stay active. Find out such groups and try to participate in their events.
  • Spend time with kids: This is one unconventional way to be active and happy at once. If you are someone who enjoys the company of kids, consider yourself lucky. Spending time with kids and playing with them does help you burn calories without your conscious efforts.
  • Pick up active hobbies and sports: Try your hand or leg at a hobby or a sport which involves some movement like Dance, Gardening, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming.
  • Keep reminding notes everywhere: Add a lot of notes in your living area, which will constantly remind you to keep moving your body once every few hours. 

Keep sticky notes in the kitchen to move your legs while cleaning vegetables or washing dishes. Another tip is to stick a note on TV stand to stretch while watching your favorite Netflix show.

We hope that this blog post gave you some tips and ideas about starting and maintaining an active lifestyle while not losing the fun element.

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